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Cities: Skylines – Ravenwood Isle Map

Ravenwood Isle for Cities: Skylines

Welcome to the Ravenwood Isle!

The Ravenwood Isle is a lush green mountainous island surrounded by a cluster of smaller, picturesque islands.


– An island with lakes and mountains, surrounded by several smaller islands.
– Available connections: Highway, Rail, Ship, Plane.
– Available resources: Ore, Fertile and Forestry.
– Temperate map.
– Larger flat space available on the other side of the island.
– Swamps on the islands.
– The smaller islands are the perfect vacation spot!
– Perfect for a small to medium city
– Mandatory lighthouse, with detail!
– 4 optimized custom tree packs, looks great and is easy on low end computers.
– No DLC required.
– Collection for easy subscribing!

Designed for use with the 81 Tiles mod. Also playable with the vanilla 9 tiles, or the 25 tiles mod.

If you want to play it in a different environment (For instance, winter or European), you can use the Environment Changer (+ Improved Theme Selection) mod.

Why did you stop using Vanilla trees?
Because they’re terrible. They look bad(the changes they made to the tree LOD’s make them even worse, whichI didn’t think was actually possible), and they are very, very poorly optimized. The vanilla trees are between 600 and 2000(!) tris per tree. The tree packs I use are all low tris, high detail.

I have a potato PC. Can I still use this map?
Yes! The trees I used are all better optimized and easier on your system than the ones that come with the game. And if you need less trees, simply don’t subscribe to one or more of the tree packs. They won’t show up on the map, but the map itself will work fine. If you still want to use the trees later, you can resubscribe to it once you’ve saved your city without them in it. They won’t re-appear, and you can safely use them when you want. And if you don’t want the theme, you can launch it without it and the game will use the vanilla temperate theme. Just ignore the popup. It won’t look as good, but it’ll work fine.

The stone props are floating!
Prop Snapping does not play nice with the vanilla rock props. This is not caused by the map.

LUT used for screenshots: Relight Neutral.

Credits: AquilaSol

Download Cities: Skylines – Ravenwood Isle Map - Download Link #1


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