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Cities Skylines – Rapeseed Field Pack [Industries]

This is a pack of 3 fields for the Industries DLC. It contains 1 small, medium, and large size rapeseed field. These do not appear in the UI panel. To get these, build a field of the corresponding size and then select the field from the drop-down menu. Same stats as vanilla fields.

Make sure you are subscribed to DeCzaah’s farm field prop pack and thank him for making these wonderful assets.

More fields to come soon! Let me know if you have any problems. It seems to be working fine on my end. Enjoy! 😀


I have adjusted the number on all my fields. They are roughly 1/4th the stats of the vanilla small fields and I drastically reduced the number of workers (1 per 4×4 area). Why? To add realism. Vanilla fields produce a lot of crops, and therefore a lot of truck traffic which for farm areas is just not accurate. Secondly, the number of workers was high. So much so that one would need a small town just to have enough workers for a couple fields. I tested it and don’t think these changes ruin the balance of the game. You just need more fields now than before if you use these, but even a small area still provides a decent number of crops for your supply chain.

Credits: Maximilian

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