Cities Skylines – Railway Piacenza High Speed Rail Bridge (Wired)

The Milan–Bologna high-speed railway is a railway line that links the cities of Milan and Bologna, part of the Italian high-speed rail network. It runs parallel to the historical north-south railway between Milan and Bologna, which itself follows the ancient Roman Road, the Via Aemilia. The new railway follows the Autostrada A1 closely for much of its length. The new line allows faster traffic to run separated and increase the overall railway capacity between the two cities.

Technical Details
  • Cable stayed bridge, elevated and tunnel segment full network.
  • 2 lane standard width
  • 400km operational speed
Can be combined with:
  • Full network.
  • Part of Railway project
  • sebnichols, bsquiklehausen for their help and suggestions durin the prop alignment in tunnel segment and bridge config

If you have any request, refer request form located on my Steam profile.

Keywords for Workshop search: Railway, Milan, Bologna, High Speed Rail, Italy

Credit(s): REV0

Download - Cities Skylines – Railway Piacenza High Speed Rail Bridge (Wired)

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