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Cities: Skylines – Railway Ourense Viaduct (Wireless)

Railway Ourense Viaduct (Wireless) for Cities: Skylines

Galiza, Spain

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The first project dates from 1933, but was not completed until 1958. It was designed by the engineer José Luis Tovar Bisbal, who also took care of the construction of the Ourense-Empalme train station. The viaduct has a length of 415 meters and has three immense parabolic arches 46 meters high that transmit a certain lightness. Although the first designs were of a metal bridge, the final work was built entirely in concrete, being one of the first constructions of this size that used this material.

Technical Details
  • NETWORK PACK which contains:
  • 2 networks; standard, two lane width and one lane bi-directional tracks. These networks have different variations such that:
  • Basic/Ground segment, Elevated arch segment, Bridge arc segment.
  • Default operational speed
  • Custom LOD
  • Texture and Performance: Networks share textures, thus optimize RAM load and loading times with LSM
Can be combined with:
  • Existing Railway networks
  • Part of Railway project
  • Mesh and textures are made by Armesto.
  • Networking and Railway integration by REV0.
Operational Notes and How to use
  • This is a bridge/viaduct, therefore it must be straight, it’s not recommended to curve them.
  • Using Network:
  • 1a. Span the network over landmass on one go.
  • 2a. Edit and replace supposed to be elevated portions. In order to get them right, you should start dragging them from bridge.
  • 3a. Finish with basic segment on edges.
  • 1b. Start with bridge segment
  • 2b. Continue with elevated segment, by dragging it from bridge portion.
  • 3b. Finish with basic segments.
  • Configuration similar to original design is shown below:
Recommended Mods
  • Road Anarchy: You know what it does.
  • Move It: In order to tweak or align the bridge properly.

Credits: REV0, Armesto

Download Cities: Skylines – Railway Ourense Viaduct (Wireless) - Download Link #1


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