Cities Skylines – Railway Eglisau Truss Bridge (Wireless)

The Eglisau railway bridge, or Eisenbahnbrücke Eglisau, is a single-track railway bridge which carries the Eglisau to Neuhausen line across the Rhine in Switzerland. Both ends of the bridge lie within the municipality of Eglisau and the canton of Zurich.

Technical Details
  • Truss Bridge Network
  • 1lane narrow and 2 lanes standard width
  • 300kmph operation speed
Can be combined with:
  • Swiss Arch Bridge
  • Part of Railway project

If you have any request, refer request form located on my Steam profile.

Keywords for Workshop search: Railway, Eglisau, Truss, Saanen, Switzerland

Credit(s): REV0

Download - Cities Skylines – Railway Eglisau Truss Bridge (Wireless)

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