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Cities Skylines – R62 New York City Pride Train

R62 New York City Pride Train (Vanilla and MOM Compatible) for Cities Skylines.

A staple on the “Numbered” subway lines in New York City for almost 40 years, the R62 (and their close cousins, the R62A) have moved millions of riders since their debut in the 1980s. Designed to look like other subway cars from the 1960s and 1970s, these trains can blend easily into your city’s metro service.

In 2019, to commemorate 50 years of Pride, special heart decals were applied to many of these types of trains on New York City’s 1 line. These decals can still be seen on 1 trains today.

In game, this train is 8 cars long, fitting most stations with minimal overhang, and features line colored, backlit route indicators, dynamic directional signage on the sides of the car, and custom dynamic announcements, giving your city an extra level of detail never before seen in game.

Dynamic signage! The train will show “uptown” or “downtown” depending on what direction it’s going, or “NOT IN SERVICE” on the prop version.
Dynamic announcements! Realistic announcements play at stations, with different lines for each direction of the train. (Requires Vehicle Effects mod)
Additive shader headlights and taillights. (Requires Additive Shader mod)
Brand new, more accurate model and textures
Props included in this download!
Balanced passenger capacity
Vanilla metro and MOM compatible

Speed/Acceleration: Same as vanilla metro
Tris: A reasonable amount
Textures: Everything shares one 1k texture and two 512×128 textures. LOD textures are 64px. Use LSM for true texture sharing.
Capacity: 395 passengers

Credits: bsquiklehausen

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