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Cities: Skylines – Prop Painter

Prop Painter for Cities: Skylines

Prop Painter allows you to paint props that you select in Move It. It’s like Painter, but for Props, so it’s Prop Painter. Original, I am, yes.

You can select more than one prop at once. If you select things other than props, only props in your selection will be affected.

Where to find the button

It’s in the Move It “Align Tools” menu (the upward arrow). It should be at the very top. If it’s not there you haven’t enabled the mod or you’re using an old version of move it.

Known issues

• You cannot paint objects with a black color map. This is not my fault and is the choice of the creators who make the assets. If you want to colorize those, dump the models and textures and reimport with a white _c map instead.

Credits: Elektrix

Download Cities: Skylines – Prop Painter - Download Link #1


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