Cities: Skylines – Piers

Piers for Cities: Skylines

Pier related assets including:
Props – bench, fence beams, stilts, wood box, decals
Fake Road and In-building path (used inside the buildings)
Path A (ground, elevated, bridge)
Path B (elevated)
Buildings – Deck Large/Side/End and Gazebo

Search for “r69 pier” using Find It!

You probably want fine road anarchy, fine road tool, and move it to place all the buildings and upgrade between the different elevations of Path A.

Known problems:

Intersection nodes look stupid, you can place the box prop over them.

The buildings are very hacky, will cry for police/healthcare coverage, I guess you need to use a mod like hide problems or no problem notifications, I’m not sure if they can actually stop operating because of the problems though.

Main: 20 – 1782 tris / 1024×512 or 512×512 or 32×512

LOD: 8 – 80 tris / 32×32

Commission for aubergine18.

Credit(s): Ronyx69

Download - Cities: Skylines – Piers

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