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Cities: Skylines – Philippine Outrigger Boat Props(Floating)

Philippine Outrigger Boat Props(Floating) for Cities: Skylines

Philippine Outrigger Boat Props(Floating)

The bangka — also known as banca and paraw — is a double-outrigger boat ubiquitous in the Philippines.

Indeed, there seem to be only two or three common features of bangkas: their main hulls are always narrow; they are always double-ended; and they almost always have two outriggers. They are very versatile and sometimes called the “jeepneys of the sea”.

This pack includes 3 total assets (see thumbnails)
Important Note:

Is the boat disappearing when zooming in?

The asset is technically underwater. Only the prop is floating on the water. The boats will disappear if you zoom close to them under a certain angle because the actual asset gets hidden from view. To mitigate this, you will have to plop them on shallow water.

I recommend to use my Ultimate Level Of Detail mod for these boats not to disappear when zooming out.

Also check out the ferry version and the beached version of this asset.

A massive thanks to Lee Towers for this tutorial.

Credits: Shredra

Download Cities: Skylines – Philippine Outrigger Boat Props(Floating) - Download Link #1


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