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Cities: Skylines – Pesa Swing NaK tram

Pesa Swing NaK tram for Cities: Skylines.

Pesa Swing NaK is a shorter version of basic Pesa Swing. There’s only one tram of this type and it’s operating in Kaliningrad since 2012. Unfortunately, the federal authorities banned Kaliningrad authorities from buying more trams from Pesa.

Capacity: 130

My other trams:

Pesa Jazz:
Pesa Jazz Duo GAiT
Pesa Jazz Duo generic/line colour
Pesa Jazz TW

Pesa Swing:
Pesa Swing generic/line coloured
Pesa Swing GAiT

Pesa Tramicus:
Pesa Tramicus TW
Pesa Tramicus MPK Łódź
Pesa Tramicus TE

Required DLC:
Cities: Skylines – Snowfall

Credits: SZyMeX

Download Cities: Skylines – Pesa Swing NaK tram - Download Link #1


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