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Cities: Skylines – Pegasus I & II – Mexico, DF

Pegasus I & II – Mexico, DF for Cities: Skylines.

This is a set of two statues of four, which are situated in front of the famous Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Adamo Boari, the architect of Bellas Artes comissioned the catalan sculptor Agustín Querol y Subirat to realize four pegasus sculptures in bronze.

In the original design of the building, Boari planned the Pegasus to be the frame of the exterior scene. In 1911 the sculptures came via the port of Veracruz and stayed on the placa of Bellas Artes for almost one decade. In 1921 the administration of president Álvaro Obregón moved the sculptures to the four corners of Plaza de la Constitución. The decision was formaly taken, cause the weight of the sculptures were suposed to be responsible for the sinking of Palacio de Bellas Artes (cause Mexico City is built on swamp lands), but the people took it as a homage to the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz. Anyway the Pegasus stayed on the Zócalo of the capital until 1928, by curiosity the same year that Boari died.

In 1930, when they started again with the construction of Bellas Artes, architect Federico Mariscal, who was now in charge of the project, decided, that the Pegasos should return to the exterior plaza infront of Bellas Artes.

Pegasus I:

Tris: 10.6k
Verts: 5.5k
Texture: 1024×1024,_d,_n

Pegasus II:

Tris: 9.0k
Verts: 4.7k
Texture: 1024×1024,_d,_n

Credits: PeterBar

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