Cities: SkylinesMod

Cities Skylines – Patch Loader Mod

Patch Loader for Cities Skylines.

Core dependency of FPS BoosterNew in v1.2.2, 23/Nov/2020

  • improved config workshopPath update
  • implemented loading symbols if available,
  • added directory skip if name starts with underscore,
  • improved logging

v1.2.1, 16/Nov/2020

  • fixed probem with creating config file,
  • warning in the options if config file was not found upon loading

v1.2, 11/Nov/2020

  • multi-platform enhancements,
  • refactored loader management,
  • game version detection,
  • improved status information

v1.1, 15/Sep/2020

  • Multi-platform enhancements, Linux semi-automatic installation, MacOS not supported yet.
  • Error/Invalid state reporting improvements.
  • –noWorkshop, –disableMods commandline args support


  • Windows – full, automatic
  • Linux – partial, need user action
  • MacOS – not supported yet.

Credits: egi, Krzychu1245

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