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Cities: Skylines – Parking Lot 64

Parking Lot 64 for Cities: Skylines

A fully functional parking lot with a handicapped space.
There are markers placed so that vehicles will park in the spots and seem as realistic as possible.

What makes my parking assets different?
This asset is a DUMMY BUILDING which utilizes the DUMMY AI instead of being a park.
All of my parking assets can be found under the ROADS menu, Level 1 Monuments tab.

There is a multitude of user-made parking assets out there to choose from. Many don’t function the way I wanted (like parks or misplaced handicapped spaces), or were not the size that I needed, so I created my own. Some look similar to ones already on the workshop, but will function differently and be in a different menu tab. If you are a creator and feel mine is too similar to yours, contact me and we will figure it out. If necessary, mine will be removed. As I get more done, I will slowly submit them to the Workshop.

Please remember to subscribe to all the required items.

Credits: panik attak

Download Cities: Skylines – Parking Lot 64 - Download Link #1


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