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Cities: Skylines – Parking Lot 35

Parking Lot 35 for Cities: Skylines

A fully functional parking lot with handicapped spaces.
There are markers placed so that vehicles will park in the spots and seem as realistic as possible.

What makes my parking assets different?
This asset is a DUMMY BUILDING which utilizes the DUMMY AI instead of being a park.
All of my parking assets can be found under the ROADS menu, Level 1 Monuments tab.

There is a multitude of user-made parking assets out there to choose from. Many don’t function the way I wanted (like parks or misplaced handicapped spaces), or were not the size that I needed, so I created my own. Some look similar to ones already on the workshop, but will function differently and be in a different menu tab. If you are a creator and feel mine is too similar to yours, contact me and we will figure it out. If necessary, mine will be removed. As I get more done, I will slowly submit them to the Workshop.

Please remember to subscribe to all the required items.

Credits: panik attak

Download Cities: Skylines – Parking Lot 35 - Download Link #1


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