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Cities: Skylines – Pagania Map

Pagania Map for Cities: Skylines.

UPDATE 2019.10.29 – I have been informed that my map has been reviewed by a guy on Youtube. That’s a great honour for me, I did not expect that.
In the video the guy mentioned several issues which are fixed in the current version. I also did a very lot of smaller improvements.

This is my first map. It is created in Boreal style and took me more than 160 hours.

The main idea of this map is not to have as much place as possible for a very large city. It is meant to build several smaller cities and townships and to just have a beatiful landscape.
You will find a lot of beatiful mountains, rivers and seas on the map. I tried to detail them as much as possible.
There are also a lot of pre-build highways and streets and also several train connections. A lot of streets can be connected to the “outside” of the map. For the moment only some highways are connected.

Required Mods:

Unlimited Trees Mod v1.12 — download
Moraine Farmlands theme — download
Fine Road Tool 2 — download
Network Extensions 2 — download

Credits: maniacpw

Download Cities: Skylines – Pagania Map - Download Link #1


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