Cities: Skylines – One South Church Plaza

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One South Church Plaza for Cities: Skylines

Click HERE for the ploppable/RICO version of the tower.

Click HERE for the growable version of the tower.

This plaza is designed as a base to the One South Church asset available for download above. However, it is also designed to function perfectly well as a standalone commercial center and plaza perfect for any urban core. The plaza asset includes only the car drop-off area and the flags – everything else in the images serves only as an example of how to decorate the plaza into a true civic space.

The building is 1:1 and sits on an 8×5 plot in-game.

RICO settings included. It is level 2 high density commercial with 140 jobs.

Tris: 492. 1024×1024 diffuse, specular, illumination, and normal maps.

This asset collection is my first attempt at creating and uploading items to the Workshop. As such I probably made a few mistakes, so please let me know if there’s anything I can improve with these assets. Thank you!

Credits: Samness

Download Cities: Skylines – One South Church Plaza - Download Link #1

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