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Cities: Skylines – Off Road Pickups and SUV Prop Pack

Off Road Pickups and SUV Prop Pack for Cities: Skylines.

If your Cims are ready to go into the wilderness, I’d suggest they take a few of these along for the ride. These lifted vehicles look right at place away from civilization


To place on roads, use BOTH the Move It 2 Mod and Prop Snapping Mod with the option “Allow Prop to Submerge” enabled! You can PROP on roads!

To place in-game, search for the prop (with the name) with the Find It Mod. They have additional keywords, so trust me, they are really easy to find.

Use the Prop And Tree Anarchy Mod to place anywhere on the map. Anarchy should be always on if you don’t want to lose your props after you save.

In the asset editor and More Beautification, props are located in the COMMON Category.

If you like to use the conventional method, you can still use the More Beautification Mod to place in game. I personally no longer use this. I only do Find It!

Credits: ninjanoobslayer

Download Cities: Skylines – Off Road Pickups and SUV Prop Pack - Download Link #1


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