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Cities Skylines – Oak View Elementary School

Oak View Elementary School for Cities Skylines.

This school was commissioned.Are you building a suburban area in your American city, and have you been longing for a distinctly suburban American school? Well, look no further than Oak View Elementary, a school name so popular I’ve counted 6 different schools from Cleveland to Minneapolis.About the building

Oak View Elementary is a typical suburban elementary school, built in the 50s’ and 60’s. This particular example is from a suburb outside of Chicago, and buildings like this one can be found in suburbs of Minneapolis, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, anywhere in the Midwest.In-Game information

This is a pack, with the elementary school, there is a sign with some common elementary school events, as well as the school sign. The signs are props and share textures with themselves. Loading Screen Mod would come in handy, but it might only save a little bit.

13×12 Elementary School (same as base but with 750 kid capacity)

Credits: hamma085

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