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Cities Skylines – NTE – Nikola Tesla Technology Center – 240 MW

NTE is proud to present the Nikola Tesla Technology Center, a working place entirely devoted to science. As a nerve center for research in geothermal and wind energy, it allows production with cutting-edge technologies to produce 240 MW of clean energy.

Made of acid-brushed steel for a modern and sleek industrial look, this treatment makes it possible to allow the building to play with the ambient light, direct or indirect, taking diaphanous, earthy or bluish hues.

Production: 240 MW
Cost to build: 100K
Maintenance: 1600/week
Weight: 13285 tris
LOD: 748 tris, including the two rotating assets
Size: 11X9
Rotating Atlas & turbine motor head

Including 4 working places:
– Research center
– NT Energy HQ (office)
– Grid watching observatory
– Technology Center
*Each ones with its own walking path (very fun to watch)

More info coming soon…

Credits: spinoza73

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