Cities Skylines – Nova City D lowpoly

Hello, dear subscribers and other game fans!
This is a my new project. Residential complex – “Nova City” in Astana city.
This complex will consist of three buildings.

<============Attention! Read it!==========>

I created two identical buildings, but with one difference.
In RICO panels and / or unique buildings of the 2nd category, you can see two buildings.
1. The first building is a highly detailed model (Nova City D):
2. The second building is a low-poly model for slow computers (Nova City D lowpoly). This asset.

Type of building: Highrise RICO 4th lvl
Homes/Family: 40
Construction cost: 24000
Color varitions: 4 colors

Nova City D

Model info:
Tris = 232
Texture size = 1024×1024
Texture types = d, i, s, c, a

LOD info:
Tris = 70
Texture size = 512×512
Texture types = d, i, s, c

Credit(s): AliTarGz

Download - Cities Skylines – Nova City D lowpoly

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