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Cities Skylines – Northwestern Mutual Tower

Northwestern Mutual Tower for Cities Skylines.

Time to give Milwaukee some love (or Wisconsin for that matter) on the workshop. They have some pretty fantastic buildings, but I chose to build this one since it wasn’t there last time I visited.About the building

The Northwestern Mutual Tower is currently the second tallest building in Milwaukee, and all of Wisconsin, at 167 meters tall. It is the headquarters (along with the Northwestern Mutual Commons and the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company building) for the company. The building was designed by Pickard Chilton, the same architect of the Devon Energy Center in OKC and 1144 Fifteenth in Denver.In-Game informationWith


  • 7×11 Level 3 Office Building
  • Cost: 100000
  • Worker count: 1000Without RICO:

Northwestern Mutual Tower
Tris: 2,828
Texture: 2048×512 _d, _n, _s, _i, _aLOD

Northwestern Mutual Towert
Tris: 460 (high but it’s a complicated designed building)
Texture: 256×256 _d, _i, _s

Credits: hamma085

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