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Cities Skylines – Newbie Harbor – Vanilla Map

Newbie Harbor – Vanilla Map mod for Cities Skylines.

Anyone can play this map, but if you’re a beginner, especially if you’ve been frustrated trying to build a new city by traffic problems or other issues like water resources, this map was carefully planned to be your harbor from frustration. You won’t need to use mods or default “cheat” mods to get a good start to your city! You can see the special features described in the images above. ^

*Vanilla map
* 4x highway
* 3x rail
* 4x shipping
* 4x air
* 2 Hydro Dam locations possible
* Smooth shoreline beaches
* Almost all flat, any slopes are very gradual.
* Easy to medium traffic challenge: Neighbor cities’ traffic redirected to an outer ring, but some passes in view of your
start square.

Credits: MrMiyagi

Download Cities Skylines – Newbie Harbor – Vanilla Map -


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