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Cities Skylines – Naloveia – Vanilla Map

Naloveia – Vanilla Map for Cities Skylines.

Welcome to Naloveia.
This is the very first map that I release in the steam workshop. All my intersections are hand drawn. Majority of the map is handmade and these items have been denominated in Latin. Terrain have been changed on a vast scale to suit the places better. Particularly the ridges, the watercourses, the forest areas and the plains.

I really hope everyone enjoys the map.


  • Sea level is 40 m.
  • Suitable area for building is 51%.
  • Tree species are being in accordance with connatural altitude rules.
  • Mountain range is relatively stretch from North to South.
  • The highest peak is 626 m above sea level.
  • The map includes 8 peaks over 400 m.
  • The map includes areas which are located below sea level.


  • 1 Open Sea
  • 1 Bay
  • 1 River
  • 1 Stream
  • 1 Reservoir
  • 1 Artificial Island
  • 1 Fluvial Island
  • 2 Big Islands
  • 24 Islets
  • 12 Beaches
  • 3 Closed Lakes
  • A few Peninsulas
  • A few Tombolos
  • A few Cliffs

Required DLC:
Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit

Credits: yangzilata

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