Cities: Skylines – Mount Fuji – Aesthetic City

Mount Fuji – Aesthetic city for Cities: Skylines

This is an aesthetic version of Mount Fuji. Built using the terrain mapping browser, and lots of hand work shaping the enviornment. It’s filled with hundreds of thousands of trees, beautiful landscape of mountains, rivers, and ruins.

For those who worry, the map provides the following things:

1) All resources including ore, fertile land, water, and forestry.

2) All traffic routes. Including boats, trains, planes, and roadways.

3) A massive amount of land where you can build your city! Complete with rivers and even a small lake.

4) An outflow system for sewage. Sewage flows down river off the map so it won’t pool around like in some custom maps!

Credit(s): Wishy Washy

Download - Cities: Skylines – Mount Fuji – Aesthetic City

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