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Cities: Skylines – Montmartre Funicular [Paris]

Montmartre Funicular [Paris] for Cities: Skylines

Montmartre Funicular Station Pack

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The construction of the Montmartre funicular was decided upon by the Paris municipal council in 1891. It was built to serve the Sacré-Cœur Basilica at the summit of the outlier of Montmartre and was inaugurated on 5 June 1891.

The Paris city government voted to construct the Montmartre funicular in 1891. Initially, operation of the funicular was subcontracted to Decauville through a concession that ended in 1931. Thereafter, the Société des transports en commun de la région parisienne (STCRP) took control, and this was nationalized together with the Compagnie du chemin de fer métropolitain de Paris (CMP) to form the Régie autonome des transports parisiens (RATP), which continues to operate the funicular today.

In 1935, the system was converted to electricity. The funicular was completely rebuilt by the RATP in 1990–1991.

Part of funicular network.
  • Use the given collection and guide inside to learn how to build a funicular network: Click here
  • Depending on the slope, station tracks might be misaligned from the building. In that case, use Move It’s nod editing function, while pressing on Alt key to edit station nodes.
  • In case you use Mekarski inclined funiculars, use either one of them depending the way you set up train lines.
  • Use Bi-Directional funicular tracks, in order to get 2 funicular, one per track.
  • Located in train menu. Or use Find It with following tags: “france, paris, funicular, funiculaire, station, montmartre, geze, revo, rev0”
  • I will delete any message that indicates lack of reading of the asked material/guide.
Technical Details
  • Base and Top stations
  • MaGiCaLLy optimized
  • 512^2 textures for main and 256^2 textures for LOD
  • Tris info – Main model: 0.30 Barrel / LOD: 0.02 Barrel
In-game Stats
  • Noise: 10/10
  • Workers: 4/2/1/0
  • Water: 0/0
  • Electricity: 10
  • Cost: 10000/500
  • Garbage: 1
  • Maintenance: 500
  • All the hard work on stations’ main models and texturing: Gèze
  • LOD making and import to game: REVO
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Credits: REV0, Gèze

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