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Cities Skylines – Montgomery Ward Tower

Montgomery Ward Tower mod for Cities Skylines.

Built in 1899, the Montgomery Ward Tower was the tallest building in Chicago for over two decades, until the Wrigley Building overtook it. The top of the spire was measured to be 120 meters tall, where the Wrigley Building topped off at 134 meters. It was used as a storefront, shopping area, office space and manufacturing during the building’s early years. At the top of the spire it boasted the tallest open air observatory in the world.

In the mid 1920’s, four more stories were added to the top of the building around the tower, and in 1947 the pyramid and spire were removed. Currently the building looks much different than it did in its heyday, and it is now condominiums. In 2001 the facade was restored, back to its original shape, after pieces of terracotta were falling from the bricks.

Credits: hamma085

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