Cities: Skylines – MON1 High Commercial

MON1 High Commercial for Cities: Skylines

Update: I smoothened the normal map, the slate tiles looked a lot too rock-like for my taste. Please ignore the screenshots in that regard.

For this building, I’ve spent almost half day trying to find away to make it look at least somewhat pretty in the screenshots for the Steam workshop. It didn’t work. Too damn ugly.
Anyway, here you have a semi-small business building from the newer half of Monheim, where it can be found at little marketplace-ish plaza in the center, where two major pedestrian streets meet.

Available as Office and High Commercial verions.


Tris: 2436 (LOD: 26)
Textures: 20481024 DISCN
Growable High Commercial
Lot: 3×3
Level: 1
Color Variations


Place of origin: Monheim, Germany
Built ca.: 1970

Credit(s): TheArkerportian

Download - Cities: Skylines – MON1 High Commercial

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