Cities Skylines – ModularFarmFields – Curv22x16B

ModularFarmFields – Curv22x16B by Apples.

A set of field modules, that can join together to make a larger field, whatever the size!

Ingame Requirement:

Milestone 2 (Worthy Village).

Required Mods:

DeCzaah – “Farm Fields Pack“.

Recommended Mods:

northfacts – “Advanced Road Anarchy” (For Placement).
Ronyx69 – “Sharp Textures” (For As Shown Visuals).
BloodyPenguin – “Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance” (For Better Distant Visuals).


Under “Unique Buildings” > “Parks” tab.


Along side roads.

You will need the “Advanced Road Anarchy” Mod to place it with my “ModularFarmFields” Assets, or on top of any other building for that matter.
Once placed it will remain that way until moved or removed, regardless if you have “Advanced Road Anarchy” turned on or off, as it is only required for placement.


Milestone: Milestone2
Availability: All

Electricity Consumption: 0

Construction Cost: 167 (208¢)
FireHazard: 1
Fire Tolerance: 5
Garbage Accumulation: 0
Maintenance Cost: 24 (4.80¢ per week)

Sewage Accumulation: 48 (768m³ per week)
Water Consumption: 48 (768m³ per week)

Field Cell est. 238

Thanks to DeCzaah for making the Farm Field props! 🙂

Credit(s): Apples

Download - Cities Skylines – ModularFarmFields – Curv22x16B

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