Cities Skylines – Miyagi Motors rail back

A back piece for the cargo station. To connect the road and track to this you’ll need some sort of road anarchy mod, as well as if you want to continue the track across the road of this one. I’ve set it as RICO industry, but with alot less workers than the rest of the complex buildings – simply because traffic can easily become a mess with the small road and track.
Let me know how it feels! I also considered just having it as a park and not have an actual function. I included it mainly just for the look. 🙂
I suggest using Surface Painter to change the gravel under the tracks to concrete.

Level 3 generic industry
8×16 squares
Employees 30
Cost 20000

Tris: 726
Texture: 2048×1024

Tris: 68
Texture: 256×256

Credit(s): Avanya

Download - Cities Skylines – Miyagi Motors rail back

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