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Cities Skylines – Mitsubishi Canter Truck

Mitsubishi Canter Truck for Cities Skylines.

1993-1999? Mitsubishi Fuso Canter
Includes a bed and a box version.

Instead of prop versions, it incudes building versions, as you can’t add sub meshes to props.
Renaming the building to any custom name will swap the interior to be left hand drive.

Main(exterior + box + interior + driver + glass):
~2400 tris
1024×512 + 512×512 + 32×32

LOD(exterior + box):
~60 tris
128×128 + 128×128 + 64×64

This project took 40 hours.

Required Mod:
Rotors FlipXZ

Credits: Ronyx69

Download Cities Skylines – Mitsubishi Canter Truck -

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