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Cities: Skylines – Minneapolis House 1

Minneapolis House 1 for Cities: Skylines.

Ploppable RICO Enabled

About the building:
This is a small common house found all throughout Minneapolis. This was taken from a few houses in the Ventura Village neighborhood in Minneapolis and all were built at around 1900. These are not flashy houses, this is based on 2 bed, 1 bath, 900 sqft examples. This is no Bungalow, or Prairie, or American Foursquare, this is a house just for the purpose of housing Minneapolis families.

In-Game information:
1×2 Level 1 Residential Low

Siding, banisters and upper ornamentation is color mapped between dull red, dull blue, dull green and white.

Asset information:
Main Building:
Tris – 505
2048×512 _d, _n, _s, _i, _c, _a

Tris – 49
256×256 _d, _i, _c

Credits: hamma085

Download Cities: Skylines – Minneapolis House 1 - Download Link #1


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