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Cities Skylines – Minneapolis Apartment 1

Minneapolis Apartment 1 for Cities Skylines.

After moving out of your parents house, which happens to be Minneapolis House 3, you need to find a place to live. You stumble upon this building, and find that renting a garden level studio for $600 a month is more than reasonable. There’s not much more you need, a full kitchen with a bed in the middle of it, 450 sq ft, and no need for air conditioning! Sure, the street is busy and loud, and you live right next to a hospital, but there’s not a whole lot to complain about.

This style of apartment building can be found all throughout Minneapolis (and Saint Paul), Minnesota. This particular example is loosely based on a building located on Portland Avenue, in the Phillips neighborhood. It’s of no historic significance, and these are pretty common, but they are distinctly midwestern in style. It would not be difficult to find these in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, or the Dakotas.

In-Game information:
2×4 Level 1 Residential High
Cost: 10000
Home count: 8

Asset information:
Minneapolis Apartment 1
Tris: 2,197
Texture: 1024×512 _d, _n, _s, _i, _a

Minneapolis Apartment 1
Tris: 42
Texture: 256×256 _d, _i, _s

Credits: hamma085

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