Cities Skylines – Mini Garbage Incinerator 2×2

Mini Garbage Incinerator is much smaller (most stats are 10%) of the vanilla garbage incineration plant. It is also very clean, so you can place it close to your residential areas.
It is ideal for very small cities, or far-away islands and neighbourhoods that are far from bigger garbage processing facilities.

No custom props or mods are needed. It works with or without After Dark and Snowfall.

Statistics: mostly 1/10 of the vanilla asset, if different, there’s an explanation

Type: garbage building, incineration plant
Build cost: 3 000
Maintenance cost: 900
Garbage consumption: 300
Garbage capacity: 40 000
Electricity production: 75
Garbage trucks: 3
Collect radius: 1000 (vanilla 2000)
Workers: uneducated 1, educated 2, well educated 1
Noise pollution: 5
Noise radius: 15
Ground pollution: 1 (vanilla 1000, I wanted to make this a clean nice thing)
Pollution radius: 1 (vanilla 100, same reason as above)
Water+Sewage: 1+1

I made the model and the textures. It is not very beautiful, but at least it looks a bit different from the vanilla garbage plants.

Credit(s): niis-ku

Download - Cities Skylines – Mini Garbage Incinerator 2×2

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