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Cities Skylines – Midatlantic Victorian 05

Midatlantic Victorian 05 mod for Cities Skylines.

A late 1800s/early 1900s detached forward-gable roofed row house with dormer, porch, chimney, and addition. It is based on housing stock found throughout Pittsburgh, PA.

This is a taste before (and will not be included in) the second set released.


  • Level 3 Residential
  • Tilesize: 1×2 (building bleeds over into third tile)
  • Build Time: 0
  • Color Variations: 4
  • Tris: 842
  • LOD Tris: 44
  • Texture: 1024×1024 (80.3 KB)
  • LOD Texture: 128×128 (27.6 KB)
  • Normal mapped, Specular mapped, Illumination mapped, Color mapped, LOD mapped

Credits: dudemeister

Download Link #1

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