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Cities: Skylines – Medium Industrial 1

Medium Industrial 1 for Cities: Skylines.

Unusual industrial building with several entrances, loading bays, and a dismantled rooftop pipe structure. Maybe a former chemical works? In the city I am building, I thought of it as the home of a company which manufactures stairs…maybe it’s because this building has a few stairs, railings, and other elements which increased the tri count a bit 😉

Growable, 4×4, industrial generic.

5,592 tris, 2048×1024 textures (diffuse/spec/normal/color/illumination), 256×256 custom LOD.

Shares textures with and matches my other light industrial buildings, read the description for more information + recommended mods.

Use Find It! mod and search with keywords “spence generic industrial” to find easily when in game.

Credits: Spence!

Download Cities: Skylines – Medium Industrial 1 - Download Link #1


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