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Cities Skylines – Mediterranean Church 2

Mediterranean Church 2 mod for Cities Skylines.

Another spanish inspired mediterranean church.
Inspired by different churches from the Levant coast in Spain.


Made with submeshes. Custom LODs included!

Model Tris: 3987 (all meshes combined)
LOD Tris: 177 (all meshes combined)

Works as a unique building in-game

Electricity Cons.: 5
Construct. Cost: 40000
Fire Hazard: 1
Fire Tolerance: 20
Garbage Accum.: 2
Maintenance Cost: 100
Tourists: 100 each
Sewage Accum: 3
Water Cons.: 3
Highly educated workers: 5
Workers Rest: 0
Attractiveness Accum.: 50
Entertainment Accum.: 200
Entertainment Radius: 300
Monument Level: 2
Noise Accum.: 0
Noise Radius: 0

Required Mod:
Galizan Bells Prop Pack

Credits: High Explosive Serenade

Download Link #1

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