Cities: Skylines – Mediterranean Apartments Pack

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Mediterranean Apartments Pack for Cities: Skylines


This is a small pack containing three residential buildings from the from the Mediterranean region, particularly inspired by buildings along the Côte d’Azur in France. The buildings all have four colour variations (dark grey, light grey, orange, red/pink). Two of them can be used as standalone, detached buildings whereas the third can be used as a corner building. They fit well in cities from Italy, Spain, France, etc. The BUILDING VARIATIONS MOD is necessary for these buildings to work as it allows you to pick different submeshes for the roofs of each house. Each building has 4 different roof variations (grey 1, grey 2, red firenze, red 1) and are easily configurable, as seen

The three buildings are:
*Apartment 1 (standalone) 2×2
*Apartment 2 (standalone) 2×2
*Apartment 3 (corners/standalone) 2×3

Note that the asset does not come with any props, statues or colour variations. Move It! is almost obligatory for best results.

File size: 18.067 MB (includes 3 houses so around 6.022 MB each – this sounds a lot but each building has the same texture and each submesh is also shared between other buildings from other creators such as Armesto. If you have the Loading Screen Mod installed, it can share textures, allowing you to save lots of space and time.)
Texture size: 1024×512
Textures included: Diffuse, Specular, Illumination, Normal, also includes 128×256 LOD textures for each building

Recommended mods:
* Painter
* Move It!
* Find It!
* Plop the Growables
* Loading Screen Mod
* Building Variations

Credits: nutty crunch

Download Cities: Skylines – Mediterranean Apartments Pack - Download Link #1

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