Cities Skylines – MB Sprinter ambulance VSAV

Mercedes Sprinter ambulance VSAV by vilgard92

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for the rescue and assistance vehicle for victims (véhicule de secours et d’assistance aux victimes (VSAV)). It is a vehicle of the French firefighters, reserved for first aid. This one is the Paris (FRANCE) version.

The prop version can be found here : MB Sprinter ambulance VSAV [PROP]

I hope you’ll enjoy.

Stats :

  • Tris : 1158
  • Lod Tris : 86
  • Textures : 1024×1024
  • Lod textures : 512×256
  • Max speed : 20
  • Patient capacity : 1

Credit(s): vilgard92

Download - Cities Skylines – MB Sprinter ambulance VSAV

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