Cities: Skylines – Marc Jacobs Hong Kong

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Marc Jacobs Hong Kong for Cities: Skylines

This is a 2×4 straight L1 Commercial High building loosely based on the Marc Jacobs store in Hong Kong. The real building is part of a shopping complex but I think the facade is so nice it deserves its own building (and extension by a couple of stories!). Also I was using a pink temp background when mapping the diffuse and I ended up really liking it on the illuminated parts of the facade, so decided to keep it that way. I think pink just goes nicely with the dark grey / black exterior — I actually decided to turn some of the window frames pink too. I guess I did take quite a lot of creative license with this one : )

It is part of my Flagship Store collection
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Main Model: 3,965 tris / 1,024×1,024 texture / diffuse, illumination, specular, alpha maps
Custom LOD: 120 tris / 256×256 texture / diffuse, illumination maps
Model made with Blender

Screenshots were taken with the NotSillyAfterDark LUT which I highly recommend. The asset has been fine-tuned for saturation and brightness but please feel free to leave me suggestions and I will consider tweaking it in further updates.

Credits: Stringer Bell

Download Cities: Skylines – Marc Jacobs Hong Kong - Download Link #1

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