Cities Skylines – MAN Lion’s City 2018 10-3: Generic

MAN Lion’s City 2018 10-3: Generic mod for Cities Skylines.

The MAN Lion’s City is a range of low-floor and low-entry public buses built by German truck and bus manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus (previously MAN Nutzfahrzeuge) since 1996 primarily for the European market, but is also available in chassis-only variants worldwide. The name Lion’s City has been used since 2004, when MAN’s public bus models which had been marketed separately were gathered into one range, when also most models received a facelift.

As a part of collections:

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Technical Details
  • FULL BODY LINE COLOR: Entire body changes color with respect to lines
  • Magically optimized: Shares textures with other generic variants, increasing performance.
  • 45 passengers
  • 140kmh
  • Custom LOD
  • 2.8k tris total (average Workshop bus)
Recommended Mods
  • Improved Public Transport 2, to assign the set on custom bus lines.
  • Additive Shader, have illuminated line panels as shown in pictures.
Downvote Fairy

There is a downvote fairy in workshop, who is downvoting every vehicle asset that gets released not done by him. If you like this model, make sure to upvote it.


Project is sponsored by Johnny. Special thanks to the community for their help about articulation joint.

Keywords for Workshop search: Germany, MAN, Lions, Lion’s, City, bus, generic, model, 10, 2018, low-floor

Credit(s): REV0

Download - Cities Skylines – MAN Lion’s City 2018 10-3: Generic

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