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Cities Skylines – Maeslantkering

Maeslantkering mod for Cities Skylines.

The Maeslantkering is a storm surge barrier on the Nieue Waterweg, protecting Rotterdam from high waters. The two enormous doors swing closed only when needed, leaving the critical shipping channel otherwise open and clear of obstructions. Each gate is over 200 meters wide and hinge on the world’s largest ball joints.

This asset pack contains 4 assets to create the entire scene:
– the gate
– the mounting foundation
– the winch building
– the control cab

All are under the decorations tab, except for the winch under electricity (this allows the radar dish to turn). The assets were slightly modified from reality for symmetry to allow the pack to have 4 assets instead of 7.

No, sorry, it does not actually block water, nor is there an animation of the opening and closing.

I highly recommend using MoveIt! and anarchy, else putting everything together could be very hard.

Credits: Kearsarge

Download Link #1

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