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Cities: Skylines – M set "Millennium" 8 cars line colour

M set “Millennium” 8 cars line colour for Cities: Skylines

The M set, also dubbed “Millennium” came into service in 2002, and is the intermediary rolling stock between the Tangara (T) and the Waratah (A) sets. Like all of Sydney’s trains it features double-decker seating, the capacity is 80 for each carriage.

This is yet another exercise in pushing my texture packing, halving the overall texture size yet again, but it seems to be about the same size as the Tangara was so I may have hit a wall.

This model matches the colour of your train line, and consists of 8 cars. It does not feature markings related to Sydney.


Control car
2,369 tris (LOD 217)
512×1024 texture (D,A,S,I,N,C)

Motor car
1,256 tris (LOD 76)
512×1024 texture (D,A,S,I,N,C)

Both cars use the same textures, so if you are subscribed to LSM it should re-use.

Credits: Robert

Download Cities: Skylines – M set "Millennium" 8 cars line colour - Download Link #1


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