Cities Skylines – LRT – Tram Tracks


Light Rail Train – Tram Network



Sry for the inconveniences….but you have to re-sub to the asset again, I guess. :/

–> the lod – issue should be solved ! (thanks to [Delta ²k5] for mentioning it ! )


Moin folks !

This network is (kind of) a complete overhaul of the tram network. I named it LRT – trams, because
it is intended to be used over longer distances.

Model stats

There are new models for all elvevations including the tunnels. Plus there are some props included
in the download. You can see them on the second picture.
Concrete stats are added later.

Additional informations

– the bridge version should be seen as a normal elevated version with a soundwall. Because of that
wall its noise emission is reduced compared to the other elevations.

Issues and walkarrounds

1. Connections between the vanilla or any other tram network are possible, but they will produce
at least a hole between the connecting segments. The reason for that is, that I didn´t found
a flag within the road editor which would have allowed me to add a special node at such
connection points to cover those holes.

2. A road crossing/transition on the other hand is possible without any visible inconveniences.
Therefor I suggest that you either start your LRT – segement at those positions or that
you cover the hole between the segments with a prop or so.

3. The transitions a the elevated segments are not the best looking ones, but with some additional
coverage they should look totally ok. 😉


4. The most annoying thing is, that the trams are not rendered in the tunnels. That is something
which I cannot change. Right now I am looking into some C# things, but I don´t think that I
am able to write a mod for that in the near future … :/

–> Thanks for the tip, which caused the recent update, to Ronyx69 !!! Thank you very much !! 🙂

I hope that everything worked fine for those who had already ssubscribed to the tracks …


– If you use the find it – Mod (by SamsamTS) you could find the props via : LRT, tram or their given
name, for example: traffic light.
( )

Forgotten thoughts

I´ll add them when they are back … 😉


If you like my first complete network …you could give it a thumbs up. 🙂 That would be very much
appreciated ! 🙂

For further questions and comments use the comment function below the asset.

Wíth best regards … 🙂

Credit(s): clus

Download - Cities Skylines – LRT – Tram Tracks

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