Cities Skylines – LRT – Tram Station (Center Platform)


LRT – Tram Station (Center Platform)



Moin folks !

This one is the first station created to use with my LRT – Tram network.

Model stats

The model has about 3200 tris and uses a 512x2048px texture.
It comes with a custom lod which has approx 250 tris and a 64x256px texture.
There is also a glass-sub – mesh included within the asset which has 50 tris
and a 512²px texture, no lod.

Issues and walkarrounds

1. As you can see in the pictures three and four, I placed the station 6 tiles away from the road.
I did that, because a version which could be placed everywhere caused some “path – finding
issues” which are very annoying… at least to me.The cims jumped up and down and crossed
the platform in strange angles..
I always want my cims to walk “clean” over and through my assets and after a long long time of
trial and error, this was the best solution to achieve what I wanted !

—> You can of course prolong the walkways at the backside of the station with normal pedestrian
pathes, but that will very likely cause the issues which I mentioned before.

2. There are still cims jumping or changing the platforms in a “weird” way… but that is all part of
the games mechanics and I am not able to change that.

3. Only the double version of the tram tracks works visually well with the station track. Connecting the single
version is possible, but not reccommended because there is no mesh within the single version to
connect the rails properly with the station track.

4. You´ll find the station under the third parks tab.


Credit(s): clus

Download - Cities Skylines – LRT – Tram Station (Center Platform)

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