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Cities: Skylines – LRT Tram Depot

LRT Tram Depot for Cities: Skylines


Moin folks !

That might be something you could need, if you´re using the LRT tracks already. 😉

About the model

A depot for your trams ! It might not be as nice as other creations, but I thinks it looks
ok. 😉
The model has about 4500 tris, the custom lod model about 60 tris.
512×2048 px textures for the main model and 256² px for the lod model.

Issues and walkarrounds

– you have to place it on totally flat ground….otherwise the tracks will move with the terrain.
The reason for that is, that I used the already available LRT tracks instead of adding new
ones with a “fixed height”.

Forgotten thoughts

I´ll add them when they are back … 😉


A short description this time …

Credits: clus

Download Cities: Skylines – LRT Tram Depot - Download Link #1


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