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Cities: Skylines – Lock Forestry

Lock Forestry for Cities: Skylines

Lock Forestry 1.0

Recommended for detailers only.

Lock Forestry allows you to lock and unlock for the forestry resource, so adding and removing trees doesn’t change the ground resources (forestry, fertility, ore & oil) or the ground texture (appearance). The lock can be turned off in the options.

This means you can:

  • Paint the forestry texture wherever you want
  • Decorate farms with trees without removing ground fertility
  • Use Forestry industry with Prop & Tree Anarchy without needing trees over buildings

Locking/unlocking via the options menu is a bit fiddly, but I don’t expect people to change it that frequently so it’s not worth the UI clutter. You can use More Shortcuts to create a keyboard shortcut.

To remove the forestry resource from an existing area:

  1. Unlock forestry in this mod’s options page
  2. Select all the trees in the area with Move It
  3. Bulldoze the trees with Move It’s bulldoze tool – now the resource should be gone
  4. Lock forestry in the options page
  5. Undo (Ctrl+Z) the bulldoze action in Move It – the trees are back, without modifying the resources!

The lock option isn’t saved – forestry is always locked when the game loads, because otherwise I would forget about it and mess up my city.

Credits: Quboid

Download Cities: Skylines – Lock Forestry - Download Link #1


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