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Cities: Skylines – Light Industrial Garage 3

Light Industrial Garage 3 for Cities: Skylines.

A larger garage with a second level office/storage area. There are no props included aside from some roof details and lights, you can place your own vehicles inside if you want. The sign props is part of this pack.

Growable, 3×4, industrial generic.

1,832 tris, 2048×1024 textures (diffuse/spec/normal/color/illumination), 128×128 custom LOD.

Shares textures with and matches my other light industrial buildings, read the description for more information + recommended mods.

Use Find It! mod and search with keywords “spence generic industrial” to find easily when in game.

Credits: Spence!

Download Cities: Skylines – Light Industrial Garage 3 - Download Link #1


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