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Cities Skylines – Leucome Residential Tower 9B 3×3 Lvl5

Leucome Residential Tower 9B 3×3 Lvl5

Tower B offer different colours and by having two of the same tower the chance to get one in the map is higher.

Grow-able Residential
: 5
Plot: 3×3 (expand front)
High: 130m
Only 174 tris
Small 256px texture
4 colours Green Red Purple Yellow
A second one Available with other colours.

Extremely optimized model, perfect to save processing power and for large city. With night light.
The light are set to be variable windows light, some will have full light, others partial and others can be closed too.

It’s a design really similar to the building R007 I made earlier but 3×3 size.

I’ll make some other building too i try to make the best design with the fewest polygons/triangles and the smallest texture possible. It’s a personal challenge and a way to improve the fps and the look of my city who now fill up all the 81 plot on land. Yeah it’s bigger than 25 now.

Credits: leucome

Download Cities Skylines – Leucome Residential Tower 9B 3×3 Lvl5 -


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