Cities Skylines – La Bretagne Map

A map inspired and adapted of the beautifull region around Quimper in Bretagne, France (West coast)

Beware of the nasty and traitorous rivers coming from the mountain! Be aware of the sudain flood!
Beautifull beaches and wavy delta river along the coast.

All the usual network and ressources with some extra connections for rail and road at the border of the 25 tiles
around 160k trees
Beautifull highway all 6 cells spaced than could be upgraded to 6 lanes with NEP
Quality highway exit on starting tile and enough wind to begin.

Could be played with 9 tiles but get the full experience with 25!

Very Dam friendly (1300 to 1600 MW). See the screenshot where there is trees (circled in red) for maximum height and productivity

Have fun! 🙂

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you will need the Network Extensions Project for some roads (listed in requirement on the right)


La region de Quimper adaptée pour en faire une carte sympa. Que les Bretons me pardonnent! 😉

Jouable avec 9 cases mais préférable avec les 25.

Resaux, ressources et vents, tout est là pour un ville de qualité.

Amusez vous bien! 🙂
vous avez besoin du mod Network Extensions Project pour certaines routes (à droite dans les prerequis)


Credit(s): The_Kramer

Download - Cities Skylines – La Bretagne Map

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