Cities: Skylines – L.B. King and Company Building

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L.B. King and company Building for Cities: Skylines.

About the model
A new model for my Rebuilding Detroit series. This is quite a heavy model with about 7661 tris and a 2048×512 texture + a 128×64 texture. Probably the most detail I got out of this texturesize. Normal mapped, illuminationmap and specularmapped. It’s a corner building, so quite a bit work and that might also explain to you why the amount of tris quite high.
LoD is around 134 tris, 512×128. The lamps light up using additive shader.

This building is RICO ready, enable it in the settings menu.

About the building
L. B. King was born in Detroit in 1851, was educated in the city, and earned a BS degree from the University of Michigan in 1874. After graduation, King joined his father’s crockery and glassware firm, which had been founded in 1849. He rose through the ranks to become president of the company in 1907, by which time the company was specializing as a china wholesaler.

In 1910, King engaged architects Rogers and MacFarlane to design this building as their offices; the structure was completed in 1911. The firm maintained its headquarters in the building from 1911 to 1932. In 1932, Annis Furs, a wholesale and retail furrier established by Newton Annis in 1887, moved into the building. They used the building until 1983, nearly the last example of the fur industry that helped found Detroit nearly 300 years earlier. In 1988, the building was refurbished by Frank Z. Martin.

Both L. B. King and Company and Annis Furs were prominent commercial firms in the history of Detroit. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and the state of Michigan historic register in 1987.


Credits: Darf

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